Dress Code

All IAAC Students are expected to be dressed in the following dress code when coming for lectures.

1. White short sleeves shirt with IAAC Logo
2. Black pants.
3. Black Shoes

Group Presentation

Group presentation sessions are an ideal opportunity for any student to brush-up his/her individual presentation skills and to learn how to be a productive group member in a group in order to accomplish common goals and objectives.


The classroom-based sessions are conducted under the supervision of the course coordinator concerned and will examine the student’s ability to do a presentation with the aid of  Microsoft PowerPoint software along with relevant videos if any.

Orientation Program for new recruits

A basic orientation/Team building session is held for each new intake to welcome the freshers and is held before the first classroom based theory sessions commences. This is the ideal networking opportunity for all new students to get to know about each other and also to know more details about our faculty and the College.

Team building and Personality development sessions